What is EverButton?

EverButton is the simplest way to add payment buttons to your existing website. If you can add a YouTube video on your site, then you can add our payment buttons on your site.

How do I get started?

You can start by creating a simple button.

How do I add a payment button to my website?

When you create a button, we show you "embed code" for that button. Simply copy that code and paste it on your website where you want the button to appear. Users on your site can pay by clicking the button.

How much does EverButton cost? Are there any fees?

There is no cost or monthly fee for creating a button on EverButton. There is a 4.0% + 0.30 fee on all payments made with a credit card. Payments made with a bank cost only 2% with a $10 max. This fee includes all fees - credit card processing fee via Stripe and to help support EverButton.

Where does the money collected via buttons go and how can I get it?

Money collected using your buttons goes into a Stripe account automatically set up for you. Once payments clear (1-2 business days) you can deposit the money into your bank account. For more instructions on how to get the money from your Stripe account, login and click on the 'payments' link at the top right.

Is money collected via buttons safe?

EverButton uses Stripe to manage money. At all times, your money is held by their FDIC-insured partner bank. Your money is never held in Stripe's own accounts. Moreover, Stripe will never use your money for its operating expenses or any other corporate purposes and will not voluntarily make your funds available to its creditors in the event of bankruptcy.

Can I accept international payments?

Our payment processor, Stripe, accepts international credit cards, so payers can come from anywhere. The person collecting payments on EverButton must either:

  • Have a valid US Tax ID and US located bank account OR
  • Have a valid Canadian Tax ID and Canada located bank account

What is your support contact info?

You can find our contact info on our contact info page.

Can I change the width or other styles of the button?

Yes! You can control basic styles as well as apply entirely different designs to our payment buttons. View our complete guide to custom styling here - Customize Your Button.

Can I customize the form that my payers see?

Yes, EverButton supports custom forms. Using custom forms allows you to ask payers for more information before they submit their payment. You can view submission data along with payments on your button's page on EverButton. See our custom form guide for more details here - How to add a custom form to your button. Usage of custom forms requires EverButton Pro Plan.

Why can't I see the embed code?

The embed code for your button is not shown until your Stripe account has been connected. You need to click the link to set up your Stripe account before the embed code is visible. You can find this link on your button's page.

Are ACH/Bank payments supported?

Yes. Payments using a bank account (ACH payments) are automatically supported by EverButton. Your payers will be able to choose between paying with a credit card or bank account. Bank account payments require the payer to verify their bank account with micro-deposits.

Are recurring payments supported?

Yes. You can enable recurring payments to support memberships or sustaining donors. View our complete guide - How to add recurring payments.

Can I show a thank you page after payment completion?

Yes. Redirecting to a thank you page after completing a payment is a common usecase. View our complete guide - How to redirect payers after payment.

Do refunds return all the money?

Yes. Refunds on EverButton return the entire charge amount to the payer. Make sure you issue refunds from the EverButton dashboard to ensure they return all funds. Refunds can take 1-3 business days to show up for credit cards, and slightly longer for bank payments.

Can I integrate an existing Stripe account?

Yes. When you click the "Create Stripe Account" button on EverButton, you'll be taken to a page on Stripe. At the top right of this page, there is a small link to login with Stripe if you already have an account. This will link EverButton to your existing Stripe account.