How to redirect payers after payment?

At the end of payment on EverButton, your payers see a confirmation screen. This is sufficient for most websites. However, sometimes you might want to redirect them.

Redirecting payers to a confirmation page on your website after they complete payment is a common usecase. Typically, websites have a page that says "thank you for your payment". This guide explains how to enable this flow with EverButton.

Step 1: Create a new page on your website

You will need to create a new page on your website. This will be the page where your payers land after completing a payment.

Step 2: Add confirmation url to your button settings

Login to your EverButton account. Navigate to the button settings page and find the input box titled "Confirmation URL". Enter the URL of the page from step 1 as the confirmation url. Save your changes. Your payers will now be redirected to this confirmation url after finishing payment.