How to add a custom form to your button

The custom form edit page

The first step is to go to the custom form edit page. To get there, just click on the "Custom Form" tab when looking at your button edit page.

The custom form edit page lets you add form fields that will be shown to the payer in the payment flow. Each form field is a single piece of information the payer will be asked, such as "T-Shirt Size" or "Invoice ID".

Adding form fields

To add a form field, click the "Add Form Field" green button on the bottom left of the page, and select what type of form field you want.

Form field types include:

  • Text: A simple text field where someone can type in whatever information is requested.
  • Paragraph: A text field for collecting longer information, such as a thank you note.
  • Select: A select dropdown useful for letting payers choose from predefined options (such as t-shirt size).

Once you've added the form field, you'll see it in the list on the left hand side.

Customizing form fields

Each form field has a few options:

  • Field Name: This is the label the payer sees for the form field. For example you would put "T-Shirt Size" if you wanted to ask what their t-shirt size is.
  • Order: This determines the order (ascending) that the form fields appear in.
  • Required: This determines whether the payer is required to fill out the form field before continuing.
  • Options: If this is a Select form field, you will have the ability to determine what options the payer can choose from.

Saving and enabling the form

When you have added all the form fields you want the payer to fill out, hit the "Save Form" button on the right hand side.

When you are ready for the payer to see the form, hit the "Enabled" toggle on the right hand side (you can save a form but wait until it's 100% ready for payers see it).